Arulmigu Vazhai Thottathu Ayyan Temple, Palladam

History :

The history of the temple begins In the year 1777 with the birth of Chinnian, who later in life came to be known as " Ayyan" by virtue of his pious nature and power of healing. He lived a life of reverence as a hermit. He was blessed by a saint with ' Panchatra Mantra' which helped him to cure poisionous insect bite and snake bite. People thronged from all over to worship this great soul.

He was a devoted bhaktha of Lord Shiva. He died at the age of 72 gored to death by a white bull . Considered the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Chinnaiyan as reared the bull and his attaining moksha on the auspicious Thiruvadirai day was indictative of his divine nature.

The Suyambu Lingam worshipped by Ayyan was consecrated under the Kiluvai Tree and is even today worshipped by his devotees. By the side of the Suyambu Linga there is an ant-hill. The soil form the ant-hill is given as prasadam to the devotees. The soil applied all over the body are used to cure the ill effects of poisionous insect bites.

Heritage, Arts & Archeological Importance :

There is no notable archeological and architectural importance attached to this temple. It also does not have any “Sthala Purana” But this temple provides thala varalaru of this temple.

The Glory of the Temple :

The soil of the ant – hill under the Kiluvai Tree in the ‘Karpagraha’ of the temple has the power to cure poisionous bites, and various skin diseases. Permitting men devotees into the ‘Karpagraha’ to do poojas on their own is a practice unique of this temple and is never found in any other temple in the whole of Tamilnadu.